The Happy Music Journal


Set Clear Music Goals

The Happy Music Journal starts by writing down your music goals. Music students with goals succeed because they know what they are working towards.

Document Weekly Lesson Easily

The journal allows teacher and students to record more than 6 months of weekly lessons clearly on what they learn, what they did well, and what they need to improve.

Record Practices Throughout The Week

Parent and student can also record the number of practices done throughout the week. 

Make Practice Fun & Exciting

Every time the student dedicate time to practice, choose a sticker and paste on the Music Progress Chart. Fill up the charts with regular practice!

Practice Is Now Motivational & Rewarding

Parent and teacher can discuss with the student the rewards they can receive any any stage of the progress chart. This motivates them to practice regularly to redeem the rewards!

Complete 100 Practices & Claim A Gift From Us!

We want to make your learning journey fun, motivating and rewarding! Once you’ve completed 100 practices, follow the instructions in page 3 of the journal and redeem a mystery gift from us!

The Journal That Makes Music Learning And Practice Fun And Motivational!

And Teachers, Students, And Parents All Love It!

Get Your Journal Today. Be A Happy Musician!

The Happy Music Journal is designed for music students learning any music instruments. 

Available in 2 Colours – Pink & Blue. Choose your favorite colour, or get both! For bulk purchase, contact us directly for more discounts. 

Get your journal today and have fun in your music learning journey!