The Happy Music Card Game – Notes

Thoughtfully Designed For Music Learners

The Happy Music Card Game is designed to help you learn note reading by having fun! Suitable for music teachers, students, kids and adults of all music levels.

Made For Easy Note Reading

One card set includes 48 note cards and 4 answer cards. Two sets of bass clef notes and two sets of treble clef notes. Designed with large print for easy reading

Made For Easy Reference

We design Answer Cards to help you identify music notes even if you are new to music. Parents can guide kids in music reading at home too!

Made For Easy Music Teaching

Music teachers can use the cards to make dry theory lessons come alive! Use the cards to teach scales, intervals, semitones, chromatics, accidentals, and many more!

Made For Multiple Card Games

Want to spark your child’s interest in music? Play music card games with them! Card game ideas included.

Made For All Age Group And All Music Levels

The card set is designed to be compact, easy to hold and carry around. So you can play anytime, anywhere, with anyone you like!

Card Games That Makes Music Learning Fun!

Music Note Matching

Match the cards of the same notes together

Slap Note

Collect all cards by slapping on the correct note of a given scale


Win all cards by calling out SNAP when you spot cards of matching notes


To clear all the cards on your hand, by discarding the current note cards, or bluff your way through

The Card Game That Makes Students Happy!

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